About Us 

Owner, Rob Kiff, has been in auto service industry since 1983 when he
started his first company, (a towing service), while apprenticing as a mechanic in a small family garage. This is where the first lessons regarding one on one contact, communication, and establishing long term relationships with customers were first fostered.     

Rob graduated trade college, obtaining an inter-provincial class "A" status in 1987. That year, Rob, and business partner Mike Johnston, started up their first garage, (Class A Automotive) which became (and still is) quite successful. Both have been in business ever since.

Rob split off on his own and bought 1031 Hwy 7 in 1994, and since then, has invested steadily in transforming what was a 2 bay gas station, into the present day 8 bay full service garage. A tremendous work environment, state of the art equipment, and lots of capacity to handle cars to motor homes.  Persistent, consistent attention to the alternative fuel industry in the province has established Kiff Auto as one of the pre-eminent shops to turn to for advice and work on the environmentally friendly fueled vehicles that power some of the best managed fleets in Ontario & Quebec.

A firm believer in studying new technology and ongoing training, 
and a persistent commitment to providing the best possible service to
customers has proved to be a successful formula for Rob & his dedicated team over the past 31 years.

 We offer complete fleet & personal automotive servicing, along with used car sales. Kiff Auto is a firm believer in preventative maintenance, thus avoiding the hassle of roadside headaches. The team at Kiff Auto are good people to know to keep you safe and motoring on your way!

Our teams vast experience, trained & dedicated technicians and support staff  all strive to give the customer the best possible vehicle service value for their money.

Quebec status

We are sorry to announce the closing of our sister companies physical shop in Montreal, Quebec. (formally at 1954 rue Cabot, Montreal). However, we have retained a fleet service presence in Quebec to carry out on-site installations and service.

  Unfortunately, without the presence of a retail GNV network within the Greater Montreal Area, or a fully realized plan to provide potential GNV users with a means of leasing "slow-fill" units, the demand for retail conversion business is proving pre-mature at this time.

 Gaz Metro is striving towards the necessary infrastructure for a network of GNV public re-fuelling stations. When a retail GNV network is established, AutoKiff looks forward to re-establishing a physical presence in Quebec. In the interim, Kiff Auto will continue to service new and existing fleet customers from our main operation in Ontario.