Compressed Natural Gas

Kiff Auto operates one of the largest Enbridge authorized CNG conversion shops in Ontario.    
We specialize in converting light duty vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas (CNG), and have catered to fleet and private vehicles from Ontario, Quebec, New York and Massachusetts.

Of course we provide full service to all CNG vehicles, be they converted by us, other shops, or factory produced.   
We also have on site, the only NG refueling station within the greater Peterborough area. 
Strategically located between Toronto and Ottawa, the fuel dispenser is a card lock system, providing access 24 hrs/7 days a week.  

The premium CNG conversion kits that we install are state of the art systems, Researched & Developed right here in Canada, (Langley BC), for the world market. 
EcoFuel Systems has a long established history in the aftermarket alternative fuel business, and Kiff Auto is proud to be a contributing dealer for their excellent products. Systems knowledge and support are second to none. You can view Eco's fine product in detail at .  

Currently, NG costs 79.9 cents/litre equivalent (to gasoline), at the Peterborough site. 
A considerable savings versus the average $1.19 + per litre for gasoline.  A home "slow-fill" unit can also be purchased or leased to enjoy the convenience of fuelling up your vehicle right from your home or business. The average total fuel cost of this option works out to approximately .54 cents/litre equivalent.         
If you think you might be interested in saving money, 
virtually eliminating your vehicles carbon output, and supporting "made in Canada" technology, burning abundant, "produced in Canada" fuel, then give Rob Kiff a call. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options.  Also check out more information, provided by the Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, on the past, present and exciting future of NGV at .

 We also are fully licensed and experienced in the LPG (liquified propane gas) field if CNG will not work for your particular situation. We utilize state of the art Landi-Renzo sequential injection kits on most models, in either mono or dual fuel configurations. 

 Give Rob a call and see how you can start saving money today, with proven reliable LPG fuel.